Xi Jinping’s “grandfather” political ideology introduced at all levels of the Chinese program


After a crackdown on the tech industry, the entertainment industry, and Uyghur Muslims, among others, the next target for the Chinese regime led by Xi Jinping appears to be the education industry. The education ministry under the autocratic Chinese regime has now introduced “Xi Jinping’s Thought on Socialism” into the program to indoctrinate young people under the guise of instilling nationalism in the country.

Elementary school students as young as seven years old will now learn to love the ruling Communist Party in addition to cultivating love for the country and socialism. Not only elementary school students, but Xi Jinping’s political ideology will also be incorporated into college-to-college curricula and graduate programs.

“To cultivate the builders and successors of socialism with a full moral, intellectual, physical and aesthetic foundation and a spirit of hard work, we must arm the minds of students with Xi Jinping’s thought on Chinese socialism for a new era, ”reported a Chinese spokesperson.

The new textbooks are accompanied by the smiling face of President Xi Jinping as well as quotes, while the content of the books mainly includes the achievements of the role of the Communist Party in the fight against COVID-19 and poverty reduction and lessons on Chinese civilization. Interestingly, the textbooks called Xi Jinping a “grandfather” to the country’s youth.

One of the textbooks says, “Grandpa Xi Jinping is very busy with his job, but no matter how busy he is, he always joins in our activities and cares about our growth.

Apparently, there have been apprehensions among parents about the new program, however, they cannot express their displeasure given the reputation of Xi Jinping’s regime for aggressively suppressing voices speaking against the regime.

Xi Jinping’s crackdown

Seen as the most powerful Chinese leader after founding CCP leader Mao Zedong, Xi Jinping is expected to rule the country indefinitely unlike his predecessors, who had to step down as president after ruling for two terms. In 2018, at a legislative meeting, presidential term limits were lifted, paving the way for Xi Jinping to retain power throughout his life. Xi Jinping enjoys the absolute leadership of the Chinese military, the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese government.

Recently, the Communist regime under his leadership carried out a crackdown on a variety of topics ranging from video games to celebrity culture and online fans, to what the regime claims to be a bad influence on the country’s youth. News houses, billionaires and several others who have criticized Xi Jinping’s government in the past have been arrested or have disappeared from the public eye. The regime’s autocracy drove Alibaba founder Jack Ma and several others living into oblivion who were once the messiahs of the tech industry, which contributed significantly to the Chinese economy.


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