The political movement of the Tea Party


Tea Party protesters descend on the United States National Capitol in Washington, DC to express their dissatisfaction with the tax laws in force in the United States.

5. Overview of the Tea Party ideology

The Tea Party is an American political movement, popularly known for its conservative positions within the larger Republican Party. Their main ideology is lower taxes and lower government spending, which is tied to the US national debt. They are angry with the policies regarding the Obama administration and in particular the reform bills. Tea Party supporters are concerned about government representation, health care reform bills, the economy, public spending and unemployment issues. Over 80% of people disapproved of his performance at work, calling him a socialist, and the issue they raised in recent years was related to the taxes levied on most Americans.

4. History of the Movement

The name of the movement is similar to that of the Boston Tea Party, which began on December 16, 1773. At this pre-revolutionary event, the protest was against Britain’s tax policies with no representation of the American people than they taxed. Charles G. Koch and David H. Koch of Koch Industries founded the Citizens for a Sound Economy (CSE) and made Ron Paul the president of the organization. They also published the official Tea Party website and worked to lower taxes, lower regulations, and narrow the scope of US federal government policies. With its inception in 2009, the Tea Party found a loyal following using social media sites and made an election mark in 2010. However, in 2014, Republicans came to a consensus that it it was a radical party. and the cost of seats and votes in Congress. Tea Party activists see themselves as part of the citizen movement and express their hostility towards the elite classes.

3. Achievements

The Tea Party, after sitting in the Senate, worked to renew the Patriot Act while keeping the government out of the debate. They are also concerned about the economy and therefore have expressed their point of view not to increase the budget deficit that will force the capital Washington, DC to work for the country’s federal budget. The health care bill was also a major concern of the Tea Party, and there were mass slogans against the bill which offered a huge amount of money for the social sector.

2. Reviews

The Tea Party political movement has received much criticism from the opposition for its way of working as it dumps tea bags across towns and some packages into local water bodies. Many protesters held them up during their protests, and during one of the protests, one also threw a tea bag into the White House. Tea Party supporters have targeted the national debt, the big government and taxes, and are protesting the bailout of financial companies located on Wall Street by the US federal government.

1. Significance for Contemporary American National Politics

The Tea Party changed the face of American politics by publicly raising the issue of federal debt and making it a national issue, and kept before the Senate. In recent years, the Tea Party has strongly influenced government decisions made on several health and tax related bills. It is also an influential party today even if it is less publicized.


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