The Daily Herald – Members of the alternative list create a political party in the General Assembly


The office of the new Alternative political party poses with the president of the Collectivity Louis Mussington and the vice-president Frantz Gumbs. (Alternate picture)

MARIGOT–After a successful campaign in the recent Territorial Council election, the Alternative list led by Valérie Damaseau became a political party following a general meeting of members on May 25.

After obtaining 934 votes in the election, the consolidation of the alternative political movement has become an obvious choice to open a new chapter, said Alternative in a press release. After internal consultation, Alternative is now a political party, but also an association.
If the association wants to be closer to the population, the political party wants to be at the heart of territorial public policies in order to strengthen the skills of its members and enable them to better understand the political issues of today and tomorrow.
“With the Alternative political party, we will forge future actors in public and political life while working for the territory,” explained party president Valérie Damaseau.
During the second round of the Territorial Council Elections, an alliance of the Rassemblement Saint-Martinois (RSM) and Alternative found the opportunity to promote the already proven tourist expertise of Damaseau and thus sustain the tourist economy of the territory.
Also, three elected members of the majority carry the voice and colors of Alternative on a daily basis, particularly in the areas of tourism, sport, culture, social and education.
“I accepted this new challenge with the objective of advancing projects and stimulating new ideas,” said Territorial Councilor Audrey Gil, a sentiment shared by Territorial Councilor Bernadette Venthou-Dumaine, who added: “ I am honored to be able to serve my island and be part of its development, change and evolution.
Carried by the slogan “Innovate, Preserve and Transmit”, the political party intends to invest the social and political landscape of the territory and, to do this, it implements six major actions:
Local, national and Caribbean political monitoring: Analyze the actions implemented beyond the territory to establish an informed diagnosis of the possible proposals for Saint-Martin.
Training: Propose programs and workshops to provide theoretical, methodological and human bases to future actors of public action.
Think tanks: Set up think tanks and collective work sessions to offer a more realistic approach to the territory.
Cooperation: Strengthen ties with all stakeholders such as the Dutch part of St. Maarten/St. Martin, the territories of the Caribbean, overseas and national arc.
Public speaking: Discuss and share with the population during neighborhood meetings, with counterparts during round tables or with the media.
Concrete proposals: Deploy projects accessible to all and responding to a logic of the territory by the voice of three members of the party, elected within the Territorial Council or independently.
Damaseau is elected president of the party. The vice-presidents are Alex Pierre, Audrey Gil, Jean-Raymond Benjamin and Bernadette Venthou-Dumaine. Bahia Yacine is general secretary, Rosanna Castillo is deputy general secretary. Murielle Fournier is general treasurer and the assistant treasurer is Thierry Berte.


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