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ATLANTA – State Representative Vernon Jones (D-Lithonia) today announced that he will introduce the Jones Amendment when the 2020 legislative session resumes, which will accompany other hate crime laws for make the commission of a crime based on a person’s political party affiliation or ideology punishable by law.

The Jones Amendment will build on legislation that Representative Jones previously introduced, the House Bill 1120, before the 2020 legislative session was suspended due to COVID-19.

“Americans are under attack across the country for their party affiliation and political ideology. I have personally been the subject of hate speech and threats because of my support for President Trump’s re-election, ”said Representative Jones. “As we discuss hate crime legislation in Georgia, it might touch on another form of hate crime that people experience. “

Under House Bill 1120, if an offense is committed because of real or perceived political beliefs or political associations, defendants could be sentenced to three to 12 months’ imprisonment and a fine. up to $ 5,000. The bill also states that if the offense is a serious and aggravated misdemeanor, defendants could face a jail term of six to 12 months and a fine of up to $ 5,000; if the offense is a felony, defendants could be sentenced to up to two years in jail.

Jones can be reached for comment at 404-656-0287 or

For more information on HB 1120, please click here.

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