Political party Volt Malta publishes controversial manifesto


The legalization of abortion, euthanasia and prostitution are among the proposals made by the political party Volt in its electoral manifesto.

Volt, a new progressive political party, will contest the eighth, ninth, 10th and 11th districts.

In its 54-page manifesto published on Tuesday, the party proposes the decriminalization of abortion and the legalization of medical abortions until the first trimester

It also proposes the classification of two abortion pills as essential drugs to ensure their accessibility. He calls for the legalization of surgical abortions in exceptional circumstances

In his proposals on euthanasia, Volt proposes the legalization of voluntary passive euthanasia, voluntary indirect euthanasia and voluntary assisted dying. It also demands that any form of involuntary and active euthanasia be illegal.

On sex work, the party proposes regulation of the industry, legalization of cooperative-run brothels, and sexually transmitted disease testing policies for sex workers.

Volt also makes other proposals including:

  • A fixed-term parliament
  • The end of party-owned media
  • A Portuguese drug model
  • Raise teacher salaries to €30,000 per year
  • Reduce business start-up costs to €1
  • The introduction of solar rights and compensation for people left in the shadow of development
  • A pause in the Malta-Gozo tunnel project
  • Insulated walls and windows for all new developments
  • A review of local plans from 2006
  • The inclusion of all psychiatric medicine in the POYC regime
  • Risk premium for COVID frontliners
  • Raising the minimum wage to €1,100 per month, over three years and
  • Replace maternity leave with 20 weeks of parental leave per parent

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