“Not a political party. It’s an ideology


Talk to Republic Media Network After a press conference where he revealed his political project on Thursday, political strategist Prashant Kishor gave an overview of his “Jan Suraaj” campaign. At the Patna press conference, Kishor announced that he would embark on a 3000 km Padyatra in Bihar from October 2. He also announced the formation of Jan Suraaj (Good Governance).

Speaking of ‘Jan Sursaj’, Kishor said Republic“It is not a political party. It is an ideology. Today, we need Suraaj (good governance) in several underdeveloped states of the country. What is good governance in the eyes of the people, c is Suraaj. Suraj.”

Asked about forming a political party, the poll strategist said: “There is no attempt to form a party at the moment. It is an attempt to connect with people and understand them. “

However, he did not deny the formation of a political party later. “If they (the people) decide that a party should be formed, then a party will be formed,” Kishor said.

Asked about not meeting Janata Dal (U) leader and Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, Kishor said the meeting was canceled due to other urgent work. “I have no problem with CM Nitish Kumar. I will go to meet him whenever he calls me,” said Prashant Kishor. Republicfurther denying any political angle on the matter with Nitish Kumar.

Speaking on whether the Congress party’s options are still in the works, Kishore said: “It depends on Congress (and) how they want to go forward. What they felt well, they did. What I felt good, I did.”

Prashant Kishor reveals his game plan

Addressing a press conference Thursday on his future plan, Kishor said he will embark on a 3,000 km Padyatra in Bihar from October 2. During the press conference, Kishor revealed that he will personally meet nearly 18,000 people in the state have the ability to change the future of the state for the better and attempt to bring them together on a platform that can take the form of a political party.

During his statewide Padyatra, Kishor interacted with people with the aim of understanding their aspirations and marching towards good governance in Bihar. Affirming that he will remain committed to this plan of action, he pointed out that his earlier initiative of “Baat Bihar Ki” could not take off due to the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“There is speculation in the media that I will be forming a political party. I will not be making such an announcement today. My role in the coming days will be to meet people who are connected to social and political life and who understand the issues here and try to bring them together in one platform,” Kishor said, adding, “That’s my first goal. In the next 3-4 months, I’m going to meet most of them and tell them about the need for good governance in Bihar.”

“If a large number of people come together on a platform and if they collectively decide that we need a political organization or party, then an announcement about the party will be made,” Kishor said.


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