Nagaland’s newest political party, the Rising People’s Party, obtains ECI registration


Kohima: The Rising People’s Party (RPP) became Nagaland’s newest political party after receiving registration from the Indian Election Commission (ECI).

Talk with EstMojoRPP President Joel Naga said, “We did not receive the letter as such, but it was listed on the website. We also received a notice on June 7.

The RPP, as the name suggests, is a popular party, according to Naga. “We want to give a voice to the young generation who are so fed up with corruption and bad governance. We want to empower grassroots people, especially women, ”he said.

Naga said the party would be officially launched after Nagaland was locked down. “Then we will prepare and reach out to the grassroots because politics cannot be fought from the urban centers. This will be our immediate goal. We will also reach out to intellectuals and the younger generation, ”he added.

A founding member of the Action Committee Against Unreduced Taxation (ACAUT), Joel said that over the years of ACAUT, thousands of people have joined the movement against corruption and illegal taxation in the state.

With the new political party, he expressed the hope that people will be excited. “I think it gave new hope to the people. I’m not saying the RPP is the savior of the Naga people, but I think we need to understand that people have hope and are watching us. I believe they are praying for us to be successful, ”he added.

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According to him, the ideology of the party is “more or less regional”. “The Naga uprising is the ideological body. We are conservative in our approach and our value system is conservative. We also firmly believe that only prayer can save Nagaland and it is our most powerful weapon, ”he added.

In addition, he informed that the party will field candidates for the 2023 State Assembly elections.

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