MoS Subhas Sarkar blames political ideology for hijab in India, says many Islamic countries do not have compulsory hijab


On Saturday, Union Minister of State for Education Subhas Sarkar, referring to the hijab row in Karnataka which made headlines this month, said the hijab is not mandatory in many Islamic countries and that some people in India rake the issue for political ideology. Speaking to ANI, Sarkar said, “There are many Islamist countries where hijab is not compulsory. Here students don’t have such a mindset, but some do it for an ideology. politics. The court and the people will decide what is to be finished.”

In the latest development, the Karnataka High Court on Friday reserved its order on various petitions challenging the ban on Hijab in educational institutions. Asked about the measures taken by the government to bring back stranded students from Ukraine amid the current crisis, the minister underlined the government’s commitment to bring back the students.

“The government is committed to bringing all our citizens home. Whenever there has been a problem, the government has found a solution. Two planes left today. We received calls on the numbers assistance and details are noted,” Sarkar said. (ANI)

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