Manitoba’s new centre-right political party targets upcoming election


A new party on Manitoba’s political playing field identifies itself as a centre-right people’s party.

Kevin Friesen is the interim leader of the Keystone Party of Manitoba, which is seeking to register with Elections Canada as an official party and field candidates in the upcoming provincial election.

He said the party differentiates itself from other parties because of its ‘bottom-up’ model

“It’s a real people’s party where the members are actually going to say what it’s all about,” Friesen said.

“What it really does, we think, is create a totally prolific new attitude and leadership, and maybe it completely changes the way a prime minister or an opposition leader or even a party leader has to lead his team in Parliament.”

Friesen said that while the party is not against vaccines, it is against vaccine mandates.

He said that on the political spectrum, the party is on the centre-right.

“I guess we think a lot of the parties in Manitoba are so left-wing that we can’t see them anymore,” he said. “I would say we are more to the right than the parties you see right now, but we are a center party.”

According to Elections Manitoba, parties that do not hold seats in the Legislative Assembly before an election must submit a petition signed by at least 2,500 people who were eligible to vote in the last general election.

Once registered with Elections Canada, Friesen said it would be up to party members to choose a leader.

-With files from Michael D’Alimonte of CTV News Winnipeg.


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