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Political party or cult of personality?

Fresno County Democratic Party expresses surprise at the withdrawal of Liz Cheney (R ‒ Wyo.)

This action demonstrates, once again, to what extent the Republican Party has become nothing but the cult of Donald Trump.

The January 6 insurgency showed the danger of undermining confidence in the results of democracy, but the Republican Party came away with the reverse lesson. Across the country, Republicans have used voter fraud lies to put up new barriers preventing Americans from easily voting in elections. It is a strike against democracy.

Cheney was one of 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump for his efforts to incite the Jan.6 insurgency, and she has repeatedly denounced the false allegations of voter fraud.

Cheney is a staunch Conservative, more than the House member who will replace her in the minority leadership. She accused advocates of police reform and racial equality of a “radical wake-up call.” It supports right-wing policies that deepen economic inequalities and cause terrible damage to the world we live in. Yet she should be credited with taking a principled stand in favor of honesty.

What is the Republican Party now, if not a rudderless entity subject to the vagaries of Trump’s luck? There is no ideology. And Trump has no philosophy of government. Conservatism, nationalism, populism, fascism – these are all labels that may seem to suit him, but only until a new notion comes to his mind and he says something new that he then needs to immediately redouble. of effort.

President Biden offered a vision of what this country can be, reminding us that a government of “us the people” cannot be called the enemy without calling our neighbors the enemy. Being citizens of a democracy means that we all have a responsibility to improve the well-being of those around us and an additional responsibility to promote the truth. Democrats in Fresno County support this vision.

Fresno County Democratic Party


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