Karenni political party announces plans to unite local anti-junta forces in new administrative team


Junta forces reportedly nearly lost a base in an ambush by resistance forces this week in Pale township, Sagaing region, according to a member of the guerrilla group involved.

The Royal Myanmar Dragon Army (MRDA), a local defense force, issued a statement on Thursday describing a series of recent attacks on a junta convoy in the area as well as a military post set up in the village on Tuesday. busy Zee Phyu Kone. .

During the eight-hour battle that broke out in Zee Phyu Kone, the MRDA claimed to have killed more than 20 junta members, including soldiers and members of the pro-military Pyu Saw Htee militias active in the area. They would also have lost a fighter of their own.

“We managed to infiltrate the village and get close to them and attack,” said Naga, the MRDA leader. “We took over bunker after bunker and trench after trench. They carried their fallen comrades and retreated to the central building,” he explained.

The resistance group was forced to retreat when the army began firing into the area from a helicopter three hours after the siege began around 2 p.m., then launched another airstrike five hours later.

“Our people tried to keep fighting amidst the airstrikes, but it started to rain and it had become very dark, and it was impossible to distinguish our own people from the enemy. In the end, we got reluctantly had to withdraw,” Naga told Myanmar Now.

Residents of Zee Phyu Kone had previously fled the village due to military occupation, he added, saying junta forces had built bunkers and trenches throughout the community and fortified the site with land mines.

According to the MRDA statement, they also clashed on four occasions with a military convoy of 10 vehicles – including four tanks – bringing reinforcement troops from the North West Regional Command based in Monywa.

While details were not available on each ambush, Naga said his forces detonated improvised explosive devices along the convoy route. The most recent interception took place on Thursday, 10 km west of the administrative center of Pale, near the village of Letpukan, he told Myanmar Now.

“We used guerrilla techniques, so no one was injured on our side,” the MRDA leader said, adding that he believed some of the junta soldiers were injured and they returned fire without discernment.

One of the first attacks on the military unit took place in Salingyi township, the statement said, and was carried out in coordination with another local guerrilla force. During this incident, MRDA claimed that one of the trucks in the convoy was destroyed and that three others were damaged.

Myanmar Now is unable to independently verify MRDA reports of fighting in and around Pale township.

The military council has released no information acknowledging the incidents described by the resistance.

Anti-junta demonstrations continued in Monywa and Kalay districts, despite the deadly crackdown on opposition to the coup regime.


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