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Chairman of the Janata Samajbadi Party in Nepal, Upendra Yadav, said there is a need to have a strong political party in Madhes led by an indigenous leader and ideology.

Addressing a party program in Aurahi Rural Municipality, Siraha today, the leader of JSP-N, referred to the latest conflict in his own party and joked that the Madhesis had now learned to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

“The days when Madhesis worked hard to plant and nurture a plant and expected non-Madhesis to reap the benefits are over. Madhesis have now learned to enjoy the fruits of their labor,” said the Chief Madhesi.

“We must fight for the rights of Madhesis, women, Dalits and minority communities.

For that, we need a strong political force in Madhes,” he said.

Yadav pushed for a proportional electoral system. “The current electoral system is very expensive and not suitable for a poor country like ours, so there is a need to replace the current system with a proportional electoral system,” Yadav said. He also expressed support for a directly elected presidential system.

On a different note, the former minister also stressed the need to resolve the issue related to citizenship. “Parents born in Nepal get citizenship certificate by birth, but their children do not. he declares.

The JSP-N leader also took the opportunity to note how the Madhes unrest and revolt changed the whole system of governance. “We have seen a number of movements in our country. While most of them changed the people or the ruling party, the Madhes movement was able to change the whole system,” he observed.

Yadav also stressed the need to amend the constitution to guarantee the rights of all citizens.

A version of this article appears in the February 18, 2022 printing of The Himalayan Times.


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