Gina Miller’s new political party appears to be failing in the first month


The party only has a total of 2,496 social media followers

Gina Miller’s True and Fair political party apparently failed to impress a month after its launch.

The party only has a total of 2,496 social media followers.

Anti-Brexit campaigner Gina Miller launched the new political party aimed at opposing what she calls the ‘elective dictatorship’ in Westminster on January 13.

At the sparsely attended launch of the True and Fair Party at the QEII Centre, Ms Miller said it was time for a change, hitting on both Tories and Labour.

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And she promised to clean up politics and push for a constitutional overhaul.

Ms Miller, who has taken legal action over Brexit, said there had been an “erosion of trust” in the political system.

And she said, “It’s time for a new approach to politics. I hope many people across the country will want to join the True and Just Party to bring about real and meaningful change.

Ms Miller said polls had found 66 per cent of people would consider voting for a new political party.

And she said her new party “champions greater transparency, accountability and competence than existing political parties offer.”

She added: “Whatever people say about me – and they’ve said quite a few things over the years – I get results.”

The event brought together only 13 people.

A statement from a spokesperson for True and Fair later said the low turnout was due to Covid.

They said: “We have made the decision not to invite supporters to our launch today to comply with Covid guidelines.

“Hundreds of people were bitterly disappointed not to be able to attend in person.

“If the Prime Minister made his own common-sense decisions, he might not face this crisis.”

But the party appears to have failed to gain popularity in its first month.


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