Former PM Madhav Kumar Nepal to launch political party


Nepal will soon have a new national political platform along Marxist-Leninist ideological lines. Sources said The Hindu that the new political formation will be led by former Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal, who rebelled against Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli within the defunct Communist Party of Nepal.

The decision to create a new political formation was taken in the second week of March after Prime Minister Oli convened a meeting of the party’s Central Committee. “Prime Minister Oli held the Central Committee meeting without consulting the senior officials of the CPN-UML. This showed that he plans to centralize authority around himself. We don’t think he alone should be allowed to lead a party along the Marxist-Leninist lines which is a popular ideology in Nepal. We have already started to reach the provinces and will soon formalize the launch of the new party, ”said a source in Kathmandu.

Back to two parts

The Nepalese Communist Party was dismantled by the Supreme Court in Kathmandu on March 7, which ordered that the two political formations of the Communist Party of Nepal-UML and the CPN (Maoist-Center) which had united to form the NCP in 2018 should return to their original forms. The order helped Prime Minister Oli to become the leader of the largest political formation in Parliament with 121 members. Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ CPN (Maoist-Center) ended up with 53 members in the Legislative Assembly. The order came as a setback more specifically for Madhav Kumar Nepal, who had formed the CPN-UML over decades of struggle but found himself stuck in the revived CPN-UML.

The court ruling came even as Mr. Oli faced a rebellion within the ruling NCP led by Madhav Kumar Nepal and Mr. Prachanda which had instigated the Prime Minister to dissolve the House of Representatives in December 2020. Previously, the court had re-established the lower house in an order on February 23.

The senior source said on Wednesday that Prime Minister Oli appears to have stabilized his position with support from India. “We have the impression that Mr. Oli has got the support of India and he thinks that the normal political process can resume. But in fact, he does not enjoy any numerical majority and is the leader of a small clique. The political situation in Nepal is full of uncertainties now, “he said. The formation of the new political front should formalize the separation of a section of the CPN-UML.


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