Falana, Dangiwa Umar disavow the new political movement, National Consultative Front


Social critics, Colonel Abubakar Dangiwa Umar and Femi Falana, on Friday denied their announced membership of a new political movement, the National Consultative Forum (NCF).

Human rights lawyer Olisa Agbakoba also denied Thursday his involvement announced by the group.

Umar, a former military governor of the former Kaduna state, in a brief statement made available to reporters, denied being among the promoters of the new movement, seen as the third force of the country’s two dominant political parties.

Quoting Umar: “My dear media friends, my attention has been drawn to a widely circulated story that I am among the promoters of a new political movement known as the National Consultative Front. This is not true. I have never been consulted and I am not part of the National Consultative Front, ”said the former governor.

Falana, a prominent lawyer and senior lawyer for Nigeria, also denied in a statement being a party to the new agreement.

According to him: “My attention was drawn to the launch of the Nigerian Consultative Front (NCF) led by some Nigerian notables. I wish to commend all efforts to create an alternative platform with the potential to lift the long-suffering Nigerian people out of economic and political amazement.

“I also recognize that some of the promoters of NCF are people motivated by the common good. Many of them have made deep sacrifices to make Nigeria a better place to live. With this in mind, I salute what seems to be the real motivation of the organizers of the National Consultative Forum.

“However, I see that my name has been mentioned as one of the pillars of this initiative. While I appreciate the concern of the leadership of the new group to enlist my support, I would like to say that at no time was I consulted or attended the meeting where the forum was held. spear.

“I appreciate the almost desperate situation that progressive Nigerians find themselves in the attempt to save Nigeria from what looks like impending shipwreck. This could have explained the haste with which many honest and dedicated hands are found.

“This clarification should not be construed as opposition to all honest efforts to save Nigeria from the clutches of abject poverty and the growing loss of hope. I would like to add that there are several efforts that I have been involved in lately and I believe there is a growing prospect that all efforts should be harmonized for maximum impact.

“When the time comes, we will stand before the Nigerians to present the new platform which would be based on a mass-oriented poverty alleviation agenda, and I hope the founders of the new initiative will be proud not to be outdone. “


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