Falana and rights groups to launch new political party


Human rights lawyer Femi Falana and other Nigerians from civil society groups are set to launch a new political party called The People’s Alternative Political Movement (TPAP).

Falana, a senior lawyer from Nigeria, made this known when he participated in Television Get Up Thursday, saying the decision was prompted by “the worsening state of the nation.”

The human rights lawyer said about 21 groups, made up of political parties, labor organizations, human rights and other civil society organizations, gathered in Abuja to examine the state of the nation.

“… At the end of the review, we have come to the compelling conclusion that we can no longer stand by or rather stand on the sidelines as anti-democratic forces and political buccaneers continue to keep our country underdeveloped. , and we therefore decided to intervene decisively. in the political arena.

He added that the groups also agreed that they would engage in consultations with other genuine progressive forces in the country for three months to form a political party whose ideology would be for the total reconstruction of the state of the Nigeria.

According to Falana, the ideology of the political party emphasizes Chapter 2 of the Nigerian Constitution which guarantees the socio-economic rights of Nigerians.

The groups believed that there could be no question of civil and political rights without economic empowerment, he said.

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“We are bringing back the politics of ideology, the politics of programs and manifestos to address the issues we face as a people so that this country which is the greatest concentration of blacks on earth can take its rightful place in the committee of nations. “

Asked about political membership in Nigeria and offering bribes to voters, Falana said the ruling class deliberately impoverished the people so that they were forced to take pennies to sell their votes. Yet the emerging political party would end it.

“We are going to stop that under the electoral law we are going to make the law work, any person or group that bribes voters, we are going to mobilize young people to make sure that the practice is stopped,” says Falana .

He noted that the electoral law provides that no one should receive money or be incited for electoral purposes. The group would mobilize the Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) and other security agents to enforce the law.

Falana further said that the lessons learned from the ENDSARS protest, the protest by court workers and other strike actions across the country have shown that Nigerians can be organized to make sweeping positive change.

He said voters could take bribes from politicians, but they should invest in their children’s future by voting for the right people.


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