Falana and 29 others form the political movement “National Consultative Front”



By Nwafor Sunday

Worried about what he described as the failure of the former leaders to solve the country’s problem, Ghali Na’abba, a former speaker of the House of Representatives; Olisa Agbakoba, lawyer; Femi Falana, human rights lawyer; Former Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Deputy Governor Obadiah Mailafia Oby Ezekwesili and twenty-five other prominent Nigerians yesterday formed a political movement called National Consultative Front, aimed at providing a credible alternative political class and leadership for the country.

Disclosing this in a statement obtained by reporters, the group said: “A new ideological mass movement must be launched to embark on an immediate mass mobilization from all corners and corners of the country for popular mass action towards reform of the country. the political constitution that are citizen-led and the process carried out to engender a new People’s Constitution for a new Nigeria that can work for all, ”the group said.


“The new movement must also, without delay, mobilize for the economic well-being and prosperity of all Nigerians by demanding and ensuring that Chapter 2 of this Constitution, that is to say; “The fundamental objectives and guiding principles of state policy become justiciable once and for all, while mounting an articulate and vigorous campaign to deconstruct and reconstruct odious electoral laws that have left room for maneuver to the opportunists in the corridor. power to overthrow the will of the electorate. the vote is irrelevant in determining who actually gets elected in Nigeria.

“Our political coalition wishes to assert that the current factionalization and imbroglio that is shaking the dominant political parties in Nigeria as well as the intensification of political tensions in the country, especially within the Nigerian ruling class, have given further credit to our determination and our intervention to provide a credible approach. an alternative political class and leadership for Nigeria, as most of those who pride themselves on being the rulers of our country over the last twenty-one years of civilian rule have proven to be huge failures and a burden for the well-being of our people.

“We hereby call on those currently in charge of our federal government, military and security apparatus to wake up immediately and do everything to stop the ongoing senseless pogrom against the masses of our people. “



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