Can a political party serve two masters?


RIP Bipartism

Quoting the King James version of the Bible, Matthew 6:24: “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate one and love the other, or you will be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Mammon.

I must mention that although I am a former Catholic, I am an agnostic bordering on an atheist today. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t wisdom to be found in the Bible. The above quote is one of them. “Mammon” in this context meant wealth or material things. In modern times it means pretty much the same thing. The two-party system of government that evolved over time in America was essentially sold to the public as a class-free system that anyone could vote for anyone. But they had to work overtime to cover up the fact that it was pretty much the exact opposite in practice. Both took their marching orders from the privileged classes, which once took the form of what was called bipartisanship. And while the two main parties that have survived recruited on different bases, it was generally Wall Street interests that prevailed, regardless of who was in power after the years of the Civil War.

Increased political polarization

The graphs show what we already know from personal experiences.

A consequence of the political polarization that has occurred in recent years is that racial, social and class differences have managed to increasingly surface. After many struggles, progressive ideologies and voices have surfaced within the Democratic Party, while reactionary and racist ideologies have concentrated in the Republican Party. But beneath the surface, certain capitalist / corporate interests still dominate the allegiance of the two political parties.

I think the reason the corporate-owned media and related news sources have been Republican in recent years is that the Democratic Party, even though incompetent at the leadership level, has chosen to seek votes from groups, classes and the most victimized progressives. And when he comes to power, he will come under increasing pressure to pass anti-business reform and legislation.

Which adds another level of struggle for the future direction, leadership and strategy of the party. Who currently has no long-term strategy to tackle corporate media dominance, who has covered Republicans, all 50, and seems happy to throw the goat of Judas Joe Manchin to the wolves and put all the blame for it. failure of the progressive legislation on the Dems and Biden. Although the centrist leadership and Biden himself were made clear that they were at least in part responsible for the failure to adopt the BBB, mainly when they authorized the separation of infrastructure legislation from BBB, losing out thus any power they might have had to defend themselves. party together or even attract a few Republican votes. I don’t think voter rights legislation, without a massive and major campaign, will be passed either.

The centrists have shown that they will do everything in their power to keep the party under pro-business leadership. And have enabled more than a few people in the Senate who have much more in common with Republicans. And keep claiming that bipartisanship still exists in areas beyond military budget support. They’ve always used the same arguments – that Bernie Sanders or someone like him is too radical and leftist to win a national election. Yet Bernie polled very well with a segment of voters that switched to Trump in 2016 and also in 2020. Centrists must therefore take some responsibility for the loss of large segments of white working-class voters to profit. Republicans over the years and later Trumpism.

To those who believe that the development of Trumpism, which can rightfully be seen as a manifestation of fascism, stems solely from our country’s history of white racism, I agree. But add one more aspect: the failure of the centrist leadership to convince white working class voters that they have their real class interests at heart, not their racial beliefs. Republicans have successfully played their own racial card by openly stating that they share the racist views of many members of the white working class, that it is okay to be an angry fanatic, and that only they can protect their privileges. racialism of the so-called minorities. Centrists have not been able to expose the business-friendly nature of Republican policies over the years or hide their own ties to the upper classes and business. Could this be in part because of who they are and their own connection to money, power and corporate interests?

Republicans: Pandering to Racism Experts

By embracing racism and the arguably bogus promise that they can protect their “white interests,” Republicans primarily get a pass on who they are and who they really serve. It stands to reason that the same kind of betrayal will not work for the corporate-friendly centrist leadership in front of many elements of the white working class and the lower middle class. They can see Democratic type hypocrisy, but not Republican. They may rightly question the sincerity and class sympathies of the centrist leadership. And prefer the racial embrace of Republicans.

Beware of people who write in all caps.

Republicans have few playing cards greater or more effective than the race card, and have mastered the art of winning white votes on that basis. In fairness to the centrists, few other groups today have been able to weaken the hold of racism over too many white voters. But Schumer and Pelosi certainly don’t even speak the right language, and any campaign against racism should begin with economic development for those in the “poorest neighborhoods” as well as for the millions of other less poor people in America. colors. Equal opportunity measures can also be important, but without a major economic campaign to fight poverty, they will be of limited value.

Looming disaster in 2022?

The centrists seem unable to accept that when they set out to recruit black and progressive voters and other oppressed segments of the population and express sympathy and some political support to them, they would fall out of favor with the corporate media and should in fact produce the much needed reforms and changes and no longer be able to escape responsibility for their failures. The centrist-led Democratic Party is in danger of practically disappearing in next year’s elections. You’d think the Republican horrific record on Cov19 and the attacks on abortion, women, and voting rights would make them vulnerable as well, but Democrats are currently battling internal demoralization, corporate media AND Republicans. Anything can happen in politics in 11 months, but not if you keep trying the same failed strategies.

All Joe needs are horns and a pointy tail.

The betrayals of Manchin and Sinema are a symptom of the bankruptcy of the centrists to keep the country away from racial polarization and dictatorship. Months ago, it was clear Manchin was going to sabotage key Biden legislation. Especially after Democrats authorized legislative separation of BBB’s infrastructure, with the destruction of any leverage Biden may have had with Manchin and the Repubs, and he is indeed a “virtual” Republican occupying a Democratic Senate seat. .

Mid-terms are usually a referendum on the ruling party. With the current leadership, it is doubtful that disaster can be avoided at the polls. To have a chance of avoiding this disaster, the centrists admit that they face it, at least to themselves. And recognize the need for a new strategy and new leadership at the top.

Update to Matthew 6:24 in modern American times: “A political party cannot effectively serve the interests of very different constituencies, for either they will ignore the one and deal with the other; or they will attach themselves to one and settle the other. You cannot represent both people and businesses.

There is no longer a bipartite bipartite structure that can be sold to the population. Centrists must face this fact. Republicans knew this years ago. To exist in this climate, tough class positions must be taken and represented. Republicans have gone all out on the corporate dictatorship and Trump or a replacement Trump-type leader. The weight of the past has propelled Republicans to the forefront of the power game for who will control America. I am not optimistic that the centrists will see the light. Biden’s reforms, whether you say they are too much or two little, represent an attempt to take a class stance on an issue, which the party desperately needs to do instead of making concession after concession. But to use the expression, he went to a shootout armed with a cream puff without realizing it. There are millions of Americans, a voting majority, who support his reforms and have voted for him. Use them.



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What can be done to avoid the disaster in the medium term 2022?


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What can be done to avoid the disaster in the medium term 2022?

1 – Treat it in terms of politics and internal Washington machinations.

2 – To bring down in large numbers sympathizers in the streets and in Washington on the right to vote and the right to abortion.

3 – Stop relying on a non-existent two-party system.

4 – Develop a mass strategy based on mass psychology.

5 – Develop new leadership that is ready to speak and travel across the country.

6 – Develop leaders ready to fight for us and lead us.

7 – Combing 2- 6 is an achievable way is a start.

8 – I would vote for # 7, but I don’t trust the centrists who implement such measures.


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