Arjunamurthy floats a political party, actor Rajinikanth expresses his wishes


Rajinikanth’s former partner has welcomed fans of the superstar to his political party, Indhiya Makkal Munnetra Katchi.

R Arjunamurthy, who was previously with the BJP and Rajinikanth, launched his own political party, Indhiya Makkal Munnetra Katchi on Saturday. Kicking off the party and the symbol, Arjunamurthy invited fans of actor Rajinikanth to join in if they believe in the change. Party ideology, he said, was promise, equality and dedication

After the launch, actor Rajinikanth congratulated Arjunamurthy on establishing a political party. In a press release, Rajinikanth said: “I extend my best wishes to Arjunamurthy who has launched a new independent party.”

Speaking to reporters, IMMK founder Arjunamurthy said if his party came to power, he would provide vocational training for students from disadvantaged backgrounds. “We are going to bring in village development agents who will help young people to create start-ups in the villages. We will make agricultural education compulsory up to grade 10. School and college students over the age of 18 will receive a gas card as well as a free bus pass, ”he said. .

The former head of the IT cell of the Tamil Nadu unit of the BJP said: “For the first time, we will be bringing four deputy chief ministers into the state to take care of various jobs.

Regarding the elections, Arjunamurthy said: “We have already shortlisted four candidates per constituency, so we will select one candidate and let them know. We will also decide on the alliance.

When asked by Rajini’s fans supporting his party, he said, “Rajinikanth has already said that fans can join any party they want. So given that, if the fans think I’ll be the person to make the change, we’ll invite them. “

Arjunamurthy was appointed coordinator of the political party of Rajinikanth, which was to be launched. Rajinikanth, however, retired from politics on December 29 citing his health.


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