APC remains best political party to unite Nigeria – Oyo presidential contender – Blueprint Newspapers Limited


A presidential candidate for the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Oyo state, Engr Adewale Adeoye, said on Tuesday that the APC remained the only political party that could guarantee the unity of Nigeria.

The aspiring APC president said so during a meeting with some of the young people from Oyo State, who visited him at his residence in Ibarapa.

Engr Adeoye, who was the former water resources commissioner of the late Senator Isiaka Abiola Ajimobi, said: “APC is also a political party where true democracy and due process are followed by deep ideologies.

“Today Nigeria needs a political party like the APC to mend the differences that may have existed in the past in the country, especially in the southwest. It is in the APC where the truth is told and where the dividends of democracy are always assured, supported, guaranteed and delivered to the people without deception, ”he said.

The presidential candidate stressed that his decision to lead the APC in Oyo State was motivated by the fact that the party currently needs a dynamic leader who is a bridge builder and who is ready to go. commit to making it a dynamic party.

Engineer Adeoye argued that such a bridge builder should be an acceptable person among young people and elders and ready to use his wealth of experience and contacts at all levels, to cement any cracks in the party.

Speaking further, Engr Adeoye, said that as party chairman in Oyo State, he would use his wealth of experience that he has gained since the establishment of this ongoing democracy in 1999, to unite members and bring the party back to them. glorious days when he was enviable.

Stressing that anything that went wrong, that drove the party adrift, would be corrected by his leadership as president, Engineer Adeoye said as a progressive he would follow the legacy and established principles by his political mentors.


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