Alexey Navalny’s political movement suspended in Russia


The ruling comes against the backdrop of a pending court ruling on whether to designate Navalny’s political and anti-corruption organizations as extremist groups.

Official documents say Moscow’s chief prosecutor Popov DG has reviewed documents from an audit of Navalny’s political offices and decided to suspend their activities, as Moscow city court examines whether to ban movement across the country.

Vladimir Voronin, a lawyer representing both the Navalny political movement and the Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK), confirmed the suspension on Twitter and that prosecutors were also seeking to freeze FBK activities.

He added: “… the prosecutor’s office cannot do this without a court ruling. The court will rule on this petition today without summoning the parties.”

FBK Director Ivan Zhdanov tweeted: “They are just screaming here: we are afraid of your activities, we are afraid of your gatherings, we are afraid of smart voting,” referring to a strategic voting system conducted by the movement of Navalny.

Zhdanov previously falsely tweeted that FBK’s activities had also been suspended.

Navalny was sent to jail after a Moscow court on February 2 replaced his suspended sentence with a prison term for breaches of his probation. He was arrested on his return from Germany to Moscow, where he was recovering from poisoning.

The suspension of his movement comes after Navalny announced he was ending his week-long hunger strike on Friday, following a warning from doctors close to him that he was close to death.

Navalny had been on a hunger strike since March 31, demanding “appropriate medical attention” and independent medical examination, which his team says he was unable to achieve in Pokrov penal colony.

In an Instagram post announcing his decision, Navalny cited two checks carried out by civilian doctors as evidence that lobbying by his supporters helped him get an independent medical examination.

Navalny’s imprisonment has sparked large protests in many parts of Russia, and security forces have rounded up thousands in recent rallies.

This story has been corrected to reflect the fact that the activities of Navalny’s political offices have been suspended, and not the activities of his Anti-Corruption Foundation.


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