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I registered as a Republican in 1972 because I believe that a smaller government gives us more independence, taxes should be as low as possible so that people can decide for themselves how to spend their savings, which citizens should being responsible for their own well-being rather than depending on the government, that a strong army is our best defense against our adversaries, and that a good job, a good education and hard work is the key to personal success.

I also believe in facts rather than emotions, science rather than conspiracy theories, and that while we have constitutional rights, we also have a greater responsibility to protect those around us. Yes, I am talking about Covid. Why does my party voluntarily give our government broad powers in times of war, but howls when this same government tries to protect us with the war against the pandemic? A war against a viral enemy that cost Americans more lives than WWI, WWII, Korea and Vietnam combined?

Many of my Republican friends have linked anti-vaccination beliefs to an assault on their religion or constitutional rights. But they forget that the founding fathers designed this country for people of all faiths. May these same constitutional rights apply to all of our citizens, not just them.

So which group should I now link my political affiliation to? I no longer fit in with the current Republican ideology. Yet I certainly do not believe in the tax and spend alternative. I cannot join a party that buys power by giving other people’s money. I can’t afford it.

– Jeff Saine, Chico


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